Achieving an 85% pass rate through our APC programme

Achieving an 85% pass rate through our APC programme

The RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) is an intensive but rewarding undertaking. Supporting our APC candidates through the process of becoming accredited Chartered Surveyors serves as part of their professional development and also ensures that our projects are resourced by people with robust technical, practical and theoretical know-how.

Since 2015, the refinement of our APC programme has seen calfordseaden achieve an APC pass rate of 85% and a pass rate of 100% in the last three sessions. The new procedures have put more structured training and support networks in place, and our improved success rates are testament to their efficacy.

We are fortunate to have seven registered RICS Assessors, including two Chairs, within the calfordseaden support team, and we ensure that this support team keeps abreast of current APC criteria and processes. All APC candidates are paired with a counsellor to mentor and guide them, with additional assistance provided by members of the APC support team. We have seen great success with the introduction of an internal hold point where the readiness of all prospective candidates is thoroughly assessed through various measures, including a mock assessment. While some candidates may be advised to defer their application to a later session, this step ensures that all candidates we put forward are backed by the requisite knowledge and experience, with the best chance of success.

Where candidates have been advised to defer, their counsellor and APC support team identify areas for improvement and set in motion ways to remedy these. These include appointments to projects that will widen their breadth and depth of experience, workshops and CPD seminars, and fine-tuning of interview techniques.

Our rigorous mock assessments emulate real-life APC assessments as closely as possible, from the ‘holding pen’ experience through to the conclusion of the interview. Once in the mock interview, the technical knowledge and interview skills of our candidates is closely assessed and detailed feedback is provided, including paths to improvement. calfordseaden also swaps candidates with other firms, which allows both their and our candidates to experience a range of interview styles in the lead-up to the final assessment.

Quantity Surveyor Sunit Raghvani was able to take full advantage of our APC programme, which played a large role in his success. “calfordseaden has supported me throughout my APC journey. My counsellor and supervisor provided crucial guidance, support and always made time for regular meetings. The extremely detailed and thorough mock interviews that they conducted ensured I was ready and fully prepared to sit the final assessment, allowing me to pass at my first attempt,” says Sunit.

Associate Raena Fahey, who also passed at her first attempt, had a similarly positive experience: “calfordseaden supported me throughout the entire APC process to become a chartered surveyor, providing me with terrific assistance and valuable training sessions from members of staff. Training through a multi-disciplinary organisation meant that I had varied sources of information, expertise and support across the sectors. This has proven invaluable to me during the APC process and throughout my career. Achieving this accreditation has enabled me to improve on my building surveying skills and provide our clients with the added benefit of both technical and compliance expertise”.

Our approach to the mentorship of our APC candidates is based on our commitment to developing the talent of tomorrow and sharing the vast pool of experience our longer standing members hold. We continue to support and champion our candidates and look forward to building upon our current APC success.

For more information on our APC programme, please contact Tim Jackson or Liam Norris.