Alex Burton on the panel at the 2016 Housing Forum National Conference

Alex Burton on the panel at the 2016 Housing Forum National Conference

Last week Alex Burton attended the 2016 Housing Forum National Conference as a member of the working group “Making The Best Of Existing Housing”, which is Chaired by Dick Mortimer, Director of Property Services from Family Mosaic.

There are a number of sub-topics within this working group and Alex is involved with 2 of them:

  1. “Leaseholder Management”
  2. “Eco funding, is it worth it?”

Alex was a part of the panel giving a presentation on the Leaseholder Management topic, along with Darren Nathan (Durkan), Kerry Heath (Hexagon Housing) and Dick Mortimer.

This presentation looked at the following issue:

Housing Associations preparing for the Right to Buy and the recent Shared Ownership programme announcements will anticipate a growing amount of leaseholder management.  Leaseholder issues and service charges have been administered by local councils for a great many years however systems and processes could certainly be improved. Housing Associations as freeholders need to consider options of retention or sale of freehold as part of their overall asset management strategy.

The Working Group is developing a practical tool kit to help Housing Associations make informed decisions over disposal or retention based on a prediction of future costs including capital appreciation of the asset, the predicted gain from future leasehold extensions and ongoing maintenance and running costs.

Alex has been undertaking this work with Martin Arnold Associates, Hunters and Hexagon Housing Trust.