calfordseaden adopts BIM 360 field software

calfordseaden adopts BIM 360 field software

calfordseaden is appointed as NEC3 Supervisors on a large development in North West Cambridge. This role includes carrying daily site inspections. In order to streamline this inspection process we have adopted the use of Autodesk BIM 360 field software running on Ipads.

The design and build Contractor (BAM) have provided us with access to their Cloud store which contains the construction drawings and specifications. This is complimented with signs posted  around the site. Each sign includes a QR code.  By scanning these codes we can quickly access the relevant drawings to check on details etc. At the same time the Ipad automatically pins our site photos and inspection notes to the location on the site.

These records are saved to the cloud via a 3G connection. Any issues raised being forwarded to the Site Manager who passed them on to the relevant subcontractor. Once the issue has been resolved a message is sent back inviting our inspectors to revisit and where appropriate rein inspect.

This system has a number of advantages.

  1. Drawings can be accessed while out on site and detailed checked.
  2. The Ipads have 3G capability allowing manufacturers’ data and building regulations to be quickly checked whilst still out on site.
  3. Information can be distributed quickly to those that need it. On a project of this size with a challenging programme this is important.
  4. Records are linked to the location on site. Combining notes with photos in one record makes it easier for everyone to understand and deal with issues.
  5. Inspectors can spend more time out on site and less in the site office.

This is not a “BIM level 2” project but by adopting the techniques promoted in BIM we are able to save time and provide a better service to our client.

For more information please contact Mark Stott.