calfordseaden have joined Buildoffsite

calfordseaden have joined Buildoffsite

With our vast experience of housing and schools using off-site manufacture, we have decided the time is right for us to join Buildoffsite.

With our work on BIM, collaborative working and new CDM regulations we believe that the benefits of off-site construction of quality and speed will become more popular across all construction sectors.

Getting closer to understanding of the needs of clients, manufacturers and contractors will enable us to better design and advise our clients of the best approaches to every project.

We have joined Buildoffsite’s Housing Hub; there are a range of meetings, study trips and exhibitions coming up where Buildoffsite will be present including CIH Manchester and the Offsite Construction Show at The Excel Centre in London on 14th & 15th October 2015.

For more details about our involvement with Buildoffsite, take a look below or contact John Spence 

What is Buildoffsite?

An industry-wide campaigning organisation that promotes greater uptake of offsite techniques by UK construction.
Buildoffsite is an alliance of clients, developers, designers, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, government, advisors and researchers.

Why does Buildoffsite exist?

The challenges facing UK construction are well known. A combination of growing demand, coupled with poor quality and a reducing skills base, has created a dilemma that will not be resolved without a ‘step change’ in productivity and quality of build. The use of offsite techniques offers a potential solution to this dilemma. buildoffsite has been set up to promote this option.
Our aims

What are the aims of buildoffsite?

Offsite has long been seen as a potential solution to the challenges facing UK construction but, to date, the uptake has been limited. Exemplars exist but critical mass for offsite has not been achieved.
What is needed is a step-increase in offsite, leading to tangible increased quality and productivity with a consequent reduction in true unit cost.
For the benefits of offsite to be more widely understood and applied, the challenge is to create the mechanism which will enable the offsite industry to make its case more effectively by increasing awareness, informing, enthusing, and setting standards.

Buildoffsite’s ambition is to achieve a 10-fold increase in the uptake of offsite.