calfordseaden Seminar Q&A: Building Safety Case

calfordseaden Seminar Q&A: Building Safety Case

We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions from our seminars. Check out this months Q&A for our recent Building Safety Case seminar. You can watch the recordings of all our CPD Seminars on our YouTube page.

Q: What are the three main functions of the building safety regulator?

A: The three main functions are to:

  • oversee the safety and standard of all buildings
  • directly assure the safety of higher-risk buildings; and
  • improve the competence of people responsible for managing and overseeing building work.

Q: Who is the accountable duty-holder during each gateway and when do you need to appoint specific roles?

A: Appointments will need to be made in sufficient time to be able to competently complete the Gateway requirements. The accountable persons will be:

  • Gateway 1 – Client, Lead Designer, PD
  • Gateway 2 – Lead Designer, Lead Contractor and PD
  • Gateway 3 – Lead Contractor, Asset Owner, PD, Building Safety Officer or accountable person employed by asset owner.

Q: At Gateway 2 there is a need for 3D model so what does this mean for the 2D Solution required for Gateway 3?

A: A 3D model at the Gateway 2 stage will shows what is expected to be built. At Gateway 3, the model itself will be where the information is produced from as this will be an AS Built 3D Federated model, with AS Built 2D digital drawings produced from this model. The best way to keep Cobie up to date will be with a federated model.

Q: What is the difference between the Fire Strategy required at Gateway 1 and the Fire Statement required at Gateway 2?

A: This is yet to be defined, but from what we have seen it is likely that they will be combined. Our understanding is that this relates to individual properties. For taller buildings there will be a fire risk assessment needed, and there is a possibility that the fire brigade will need to be involved. But there are currently no specifics about providing this information.

Q: How do you maintain and keep this information up to date?

A: We are able to do yearly stock condition surveys and update the federated model, adding to the model (if required) on changes that have taken place. We can also work with organisations to update assets and help assets bring internal processes together to work with each department on keeping information up to date.

To find out more about the Building Safety Case, please watch our full seminar or get in touch with BIM Manager Varun Soni