calfordseaden Seminar Q&A: Fire Safety

calfordseaden Seminar Q&A: Fire Safety

We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions from our Fire Safety seminar. You can watch the recordings of all our CPD Seminars on our YouTube page.

Q: When do you expect the Building Safety Bill Gateway process to be fully implemented?

A: We are not expecting the Building Safety Bill to be legally enacted until the end of this year as there must be a considerable amount of secondary legislation to set out the actual requirements beforehand.

However, the Government’s stance is for us to start getting prepared and there is an expectation for the industry to start moving towards these processes while they are being developed. Here at calfordseaden, we are keeping updated of all developments so that we are prepared when the time comes to start implanting the processes.

Q: How do you foresee Gateway 2 impacting programme and procurement?

A: While we do not know the full extent of what will be required to pass through Gateway 2 (which is the stage of design approval) what we do understand is that subcontractors and other specialists will need to be engaged much earlier on in the development for the design to be more fully developed.

Q: Are MEP subcontractors currently allowed to install fire collars or is it a requirement for specialists to do so?

A: There is no current requirement for specialists to install fire collars, however there is a requirement under the Building Regulations for contractors installing fire safety elements to be competent to do so. Individuals undertaking such installations should have received appropriate training and been monitored to ensure that they are installing correctly.

It might be worth considering if this installation should sit within the remit of your MEP package. As the fire collars sometimes have to interact with fire stopping, which is most likely by the fire stopping contractor, it is important to ensure that the products are compatible and compliant together and that the subcontractors are not installing products from different manufacturers, unless the products have been tested together.

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