Supporting Our Local Charity: Friends for Families

Supporting Our Local Charity: Friends for Families

Here at calfordseaden, we aim to make a positive and lasting difference to the communities in which we work. Last year, we were introduced to Friends for Families, a charity that works with Children’s Services to provide direct and practical assistance to families facing financial hardship. We felt strongly aligned with their mission to address the needs of the local community and we are proud to support their work to bring about positive and lasting change.

Our first donation was a selection of laptops to enable children to complete their schoolwork while being home-schooled during the Pandemic. Friends for Families explained to us the difficulties some families were facing because they could not afford the necessary devices needed for children to access and complete schoolwork.

We were also pleased to support the charity’s Christmas Gift Project which aims to ensure that every child has a magical Christmas. We worked with a Children’s Buyer at a local bookshop to select and donate a selection of books to help spread the joy of reading. With the support of other local business, Friends for Families were able to provide 269 children with two gifts each, and our donation ensured that every child under the age of 12 received a storybook.

Like us, Friends for Families strongly believe that all children deserve the opportunity to exceed at school and in life. We are proud to be able to support them in ensuring that local children have all the right tools to thrive and fulfill their potential. We hope to continue our support for this amazing charity over the coming year.