The Future Homes Standard: changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations

The Future Homes Standard: changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations

On Wednesday 15th June 2022, the new rules for Part L 2021 and Part F 2021 of the Building Regulations came into effect, with the exception of a one-year transition for existing planning applications.

The changes have been made in response to public consultation on the Future Buildings Standard (FBS). The two-part consultation was concluded in April 2021 and the FBS is due to come into force in 2025. The overarching driving force is the government’s net zero 2050 target, now set in law.

Emily Mansfield, calfordseaden Principal Sustainability Consultant summarises the key changes below.

  • Part L will apply more stringent requirements to new developments to demonstrate compliance, with primary energy becoming one of the main performance metrics under Criterion 1. The updated emission factors will be applied to SAP calculations and Energy Performance Certificates, reflecting the decarbonisation of the National Electricity Grid.
  • Part F will ensure new and existing buildings achieve adequate ventilation where insulated and airtight to improve internal air quality.
  • Part O of the Building Regulations have also been enforced. Part O will prevent new homes from being constructed that have a potential risk of overheating. It sets outs out limiting parameters for dwellings located in low and high-risk areas suffering from noise and air quality issues.

New developments that have not yet been submitted a building/initial notice or deposited plans will need to comply with these new regulations.

Developments that have already received planning permission, prior to 15th June, are able to remain under the current 2013 regulations but will need to commence construction by June 2023. If construction is not commenced on an individual building within a development, it will need to comply with the new regulations.

Our sustainability team are able to offer a CPD to your team, outlining the changes to the Building Regulations and the impact this will have on the design of buildings. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us here.