Our architectural visualisations bring projects to life

Our architectural visualisations bring projects to life

Technological advances in the architectural field can bring planned projects to life, providing realistic imagery and allowing buildings to be fully visualised at the planning stage.

The creation of 3D visualisations offers an extra level of detail for even the most complex design plans. The core benefit of this imagery is its ability to translate concepts into reality and allow all parties involved to fully understand an architectural vision. This results in more informed decision making, early corrective measures, and more seamless collaboration between design and technical teams.

Providing this resource in-house allows calfordseaden’s architecture team to render technical drawings without the need to outsource these services to external parties. Our 3D visualisations take a number of forms, providing aerial, exterior and interior CGIs as well as less static imagery through the creation of 3D walk-throughs.

3D aerial visualisations
Setting the angle at a higher degree for aerial visualisations provides imagery of both the proposed building and its setting. These are particularly beneficial for large-scale schemes or those where communal and landscaped areas have been incorporated into the project design.

3D exterior visualisations
These detailed images provide fully textured visuals that closely resemble the completed unit from street view. In developing architectural drawings for our Wickford Community Centre project, production of these visualisations allowed us to present a number of alternative roofing options to the client.

3D exterior visualisation

Visualisations allowed our client to envision the completed project for this new build private residence in Kent.

3D interior visualisations
Working from 2D drawings, floor plans and furniture requirements, these visualisations enable us to model, light and texture the virtual scene to create interior visuals. These images allow developers and buyers to conceptualise the furnished space and envision built-in features of the interior design.

3D interior visualisations

Left: A major Grade II interior refurbishment in central London. Right: A major refurbishment of the common areas in an art deco apartment building in Knightsbridge required internal visualisations to bring the proposal to life.

3D walk-throughs
Video imagery is created from the collation of a number of 3D images, and moves from exterior to interior views at varying angles. These walk-throughs showcase every facet of a building or development, giving a holistic overview of the scheme.

Our team creates visuals using the key platforms available and is able to select the most appropriate tools to meet the needs of our clients. For more information on our visualisation services, contact Steve Sands, Head of Architecture.