Our new Property Mapping Tool is now live

Our new Property Mapping Tool is now live

Introducing a mapping tool providing the capabilities of viewing all owned and managed properties in one location, providing you with a planning and marketing tool to enable you to plan work requirements or action plans.


See data on your owned and managed properties in a friendly and easy format using the mapping tool’s reporting charts and statistics, highlighting the characteristics of properties, for example, by current energy rating.

Filter properties with ease

Filter the characteristics of all owned and managed properties according to your requirements. Rent arrears, boiler replacement works, current energy rating, property type. The properties can literally be filtered easily to show any number of parameters.

View important property clustering

Once the characteristics of the properties have been filtered according to your requirements, all properties sharing these characteristics can be viewed in one location, giving an idea of proximity and allowing properties to be clustered together to easily create an action plan. Conservation areas and other such information can also be mapped  providing valuable information on types of acceptable works.

Easy to use Interface

What good is all that if it cannot easily be used and understood? All the above information can be viewed in an easy to see format and using the software is easily done as can be experienced by a demonstration.

Property Details on Pop Over

As well as easily viewing all properties in one interface, you can also view property specific data for each property by viewing the properties pop over. This can be used to store hyper-links, schedules of condition, resident details, whatever is required.

Alternative Satellite View

If preferred, the properties and the streets the properties are located on, can be viewed using satellite view, giving an indication of the infrastructure surrounding the properties.

Integrated Street View

Take a look at individual properties to view characteristics close up. Take a look up and down the street to view the characteristics of other properties on the street. View likely site hut locations, trees, front gardens, property types and construction.


From information generated by the mapping tool, you can provide reports detailing similar properties with the same characteristics. These reports can be used for strategic planning purposes in deciding what works may give value for money and even which properties could be sold off for the benefit of others retained. The possibilities are endless.

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