Passivhaus Breakfast Seminar

Passivhaus Breakfast Seminar

calfordseaden welcomed industry professionals to our Passivhaus Breakfast Seminar, presented by Emily Mansfield (Sustainability Consultant), Jacqui Clarke (Sustainability Consultant), Patroula Christopoulou (Mechanical Engineer) and Terry Keech (Head of M&E)

Having recently qualified as Passivhaus Consultant and Passivhaus Designer, Emily and Patroula were perfectly poised to offer valuable insight into the principles of Passivhaus in new build properties.

The following definitions of Passivhaus were provided:

  • A standard based on indoor comfort
  • A building with space heating requirements designed close to theoretical minimum
  • Passive principles used to their full extent before active design
  • Low energy design included in all the services
  • Heating which is not necessarily achieved through air heating

The calfordseaden team offered useful recommendations for moving forward with the changes, these included appointing a Passivhaus Consultant/Designer at an early stage to visit sites regularly and implementing Passivhaus principles which can reduce the heating plant requirement. They also noted that if during construction, a project doesn’t quite meet the Passivhaus standards, the building can still achieve the PHI Low Energy Building certification.

For further insight please download the presentation slides below:

Passivhaus Presentation Slides