Paying it forward: Amy Farr on the importance of mentorship

Paying it forward: Amy Farr on the importance of mentorship

Associate and Health & Safety Consultant Amy Farr is featured in the latest newsletter for WISH (Women in Social Housing) where she discusses the importance of mentorship in the industry.

I am proud to share that I have recently become a Mentor for the Institute of Occupational Health (IOSH) where I will be utilising my knowledge and experience in the industry to support other IOSH members with their professional development.The IOSH Mentoring programme provides peer-to-peer learning and encourages members to connect and build relationships with other IOSH professionals. This network of H&S professionals is important not just for collaboration and knowledge sharing but also to provide a safe and secure platform for individuals to build professional relationships and network.

I started my career over 10 years ago, and have since become a Chartered Member of IOSH, working on a range of schemes in varied roles. I have had extensive training throughout my career ranging from CPD seminars and workshops to an NVQ Level 5 Diploma. At the core of my career progression is the invaluable training and support that I have received. I truly value the importance of mentorship and I believe that we all have a responsibility, once building our careers to a certain stage, to pay it forward and support the next generation.

The calfordseaden Health & Safety team is a very diverse team, particularly in terms of career level and gender. I think this lends to a positive and effective working environment that fosters collaboration and diversity of thought, we are all in a way each other’s unofficial mentors.

I urge anyone who does not already have a mentor to seek one whether that is through a professional body or asking a colleague to mentor you, the learning never stops, and we could all benefit from ongoing collaboration.