Please be upstanding for Dr Keech!

Please be upstanding for Dr Keech!

Terry’s doctorate took 6 years to complete and was based on research into installation and commissioning of low carbon technologies in new social housing developments.

It involved an initial survey involving over 600 of calfordseaden’s clients to explore opinions on low carbon housing, and in particular how the technologies operated. This was followed by some in depth interviews with HA’s, construction professionals and consultants to further investigate and test the information from the surveys.

This collection of data was then used to construct a research program to investigate actual real world construction and development issues, and to test interventions to bring about positive change within industry. The outcomes have been the development of an installation and commissioning process to assist in new low carbon housing developments. The data is also being used to complete a collection of research papers to challenge current thinking on the operation of low carbon technologies within new low energy development across the country.

Everyone at calfordseaden is extremely proud of Terry, who has the following to thank for support during the process: “I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff and clients that helped me complete the Doctorate, through their kind offers of help and information throughout the research. I would also like to thank you the Partners for the support over the 6 year study period.”