Rescuing the old Peckham Library

Rescuing the old Peckham Library

The calfordseaden Building Surveying team has been providing pro bono services for the planned refurbishment of the Old Peckham Library building to provide new premises for the Southwark Foodbank which is run by the Pecan charity.

The Pecan charity has been working in Peckham and the surrounding areas for over 26 years to support local people to achieve their potential, adapting their services to the changing needs of the community. Over the past few years this has included supporting the rising numbers of people who rely on the Southwark Foodbank to feed their families. The foodbank collects food either through donations or bought locally and is then distributed by volunteers.

Southwark Foodbank is a joint venture between Pecan and various local churches and is one of the national network foodbanks established under the Trussell Trust. The Trust reported that last year over one hundred thousand people visited local foodbanks in London alone.

In addition to the foodbank the charity also needs to provide much needed space for a Social Enterprise. Whilst Pecan receives donations and Government grants they also earn money from upcycling furniture and accessories, with all profits going towards running the charity. Volunteers sand down old chairs and paint them bright colours and use old canvas coffee sacks to turn into seat covers, the off cuts from the coffee sacks are then used to make shopping bags. Space will be provided for storing and selling these upcycled designs.