SAP10 Breakfast Seminar

SAP10 Breakfast Seminar

calfordseaden welcomed industry professionals to our SAP10 Breakfast Seminar, presented by Dr. Terry Keech (Head of M&E) and Emily Mansfield (Passivhaus certified Sustainability Consultant.)

The seminar examined the changes and implications of the new SAP 10 regulations, which have been updated to reflect the new Part L and Future Homes Standard consultation.

In July 2018, the proposed SAP 10 methodology was pre-released. This allowed designers and consultants to review the changes ahead of the official release, which is expected to be mid/late 2020. In their presentation, Terry and Emily highlighted these general changes:

  • Background calculation updated to allow the SAP calculations to estimate energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions more accurately
  • Hot water calculation updated to include flow rate for showers and power usage of electric showers
  • Lighting calculation updated to allow recognition of new lighting types with higher efficacy
  • Summer overheating assessment to consider local noise and air quality pollution
  • Default efficiencies updated to reflect efficiencies of products available on the market
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery ductwork to be installed
  • Thermal Mass Parameter (TMP) to be calculated
  • Fuel tariffs have been updated resulting in an increased fuel cost to electricity

The seminar offered useful recommendations for moving forward with these changes including appointing a Sustainability Consultant at an early stage, investigating different approaches and considering the end user.

For further insight please download the presentation slides and fact sheets below:

SAP10 Presentation Slides

SAP10 Fact Sheet Part 1

SAP10 Fact Sheet Part 2