School Condition Surveys – Target your needs

School Condition Surveys – Target your needs

The use of a Condition Survey and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programme is central to the successful allocation of resources, be they human or financial, for asset management and for the running of an effective and efficient school estate.

Often a school’s estates team find stock condition information available to be overwhelmingly complicated, inaccurate and out of date. Increasingly, in an era of austerity, it is important for a detailed approach to be the basis for decision making and in support of funding applications. Furthermore, Ofsted, trustees and governors expect a rational, well informed, documented and proven strategy to demonstrate the spending of invaluable and sometimes scarce resources.

Unfortunately, the outcome of mass condition surveys, such as the Property Data Survey (PDS) and Asset Management Plan (AMP), procured across hundreds of schools within a short timeframe, targeted to specific outcomes, does not lend itself for local bespoke level use. It might give a high level review on overall expenditure required across a local authority’s stock, but ultimately it is not good enough for the independent academy or school to manage its assets effectively. This is a legacy issue and one that senior management teams are getting to grips with.

Estate managers and school leaders require a clear steer on bespoke maintenance needs, with clarity on priorities, regulations, compliance requirements/changes and future works that need to be planned. With ever tightening school budgets, planning ahead and allocating resources for the works that will be necessary in three or five years and beyond becomes increasingly difficult. Hand to mouth short-term planning prevails.

The Condition Survey and PPM programme is necessary to inform successful bids for Condition Improvement Funds with compliance and health and safety deficiencies being the focus. A well planned strategy is essential to secure Education Funding Agency support and the Condition Survey/PPM programme is one of the bastions for your application.

At calfordseaden, we have developed an Excel based Condition Survey /PPM programme platform that is both senior management team and estates team friendly and can be edited and managed by ground staff on day to day criteria. It covers compliance, health and safety, routine, reactive and planned maintenance criteria with budgets/cost allocated on a per-item and per-year basis forecast over 20 years, including realistic life cycle planning. This work also takes account of viable work packages, maximising economies of scale and can be edited to reflect finance availability and changes to circumstances. It is colour coded for ease of use.  Various targeted sub-reports can be generated out of the report as base information to assist day to day management and reporting.

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