Beach Hut Competition


The calfordseaden Architectural team submitted two entries into a competition to design a new beach hut for Eastbourne sea front. The brief was to design a structure which had a foot print no larger than 6m2 and with a maximum height of 3.5m. On top of dimensional limitations the total build cost and fees had to come from a budget of £10,000.

Outside the Box Entry

An adaptable concession stand providing different uses when needed. Pictured are two options for the concession stand; a boutique shop and a cafe.

The hut opens up to form a welcoming front where beach goers or passers-by can purchase snacks and refreshments and choose to continue their journey or relax on the shaded terrace in the cafe, or browse the products in the shop.

At night it is intended that the hut will act as a marker and provide some comfort to people using the pathway in the dark. The hut is equipped internally with low energy (LED) lighting on a daylight sensor. When the lights are triggered to come on within the hut, the small gaps within the interlocking walls will allow artificial light to spill out, which will provide soft lighting to the decked area.

Stone Castle Entry – Long Listed Design

An Englishman’s beach hut is his castle!

  • Iconic robust stone castle for a stony beach
  • Sustainable stones from the beach in gabions can be reinstated after use
  • Glazed doors give protection and views in bad weather
  • Portcullis doors provide wind break
  • Roof light gives natural day light
  • Roof terrace gives privacy and views