Our instruction was to carry out a rights of light assessment of the impact the new three storey building would have on the surrounding properties. We carried out a site visit and advised our Client that one of the adjoining properties in close proximity would likely suffer a significant loss of daylight. The other surrounding properties were either too far away to be affected or did not have a right to light as they were recently built and did not have windows that overlapped with the previous building.

Using the topographic survey and proposed drawings received from the architects and undertaking planning research to gain information of the internal arrangements of the buildings, we were able to produce a 3D CAD model to run our analysis. When running our analysis it confirmed that the adjoining property would suffer actionable losses on both ground and first floor level. Therefore our Client instructed us to run a cutback analysis to determine how much of the proposed massing would need to be removed to ensure there wouldn’t be any actionable losses to the adjoining property.

We finalised our rights of light report once completing our analysis and within the report advised of likely compensation figures and the amount of cutback massing required and issued to our Client, who also gained advice from a broker with regards to obtaining an insurance policy agreement.