calfordseaden has worked with the London Borough of Ealing since early 2015 on the delivery of their regeneration programme for the Copley Close Estate. The programme involves a phased development incorporating refurbishment and new build elements of a linear site running along the railway line, and includes the refurbishment of 483 dwellings and the construction of approximately 242 new dwellings.

Our initial involvement related to overall cost and procurement advice for the delivery of the masterplan, given the number of logistical complexities which included general close proximity to the railway, planned work to roads and services currently running above the line of the railway, connections to a centralised heating distribution system which needed to be retained in operation at all times, and extensive works planned to occupied dwellings to reverse layouts, creating the need for decanting, temporary means of escape measures and some piecemeal working.

As matters have developed we have maintained an overall cost plan for the development, while individual new build, infrastructure and refurbishment contracts are collated, tendered and let. We are currently appointed to deliver the first 3 phases delivering 85 dwellings, and are providing cost management and contract administration services, and we are involved in preparations for subsequent phases of works.