Dudley Court and Jean Orr Court are identical flat developments on opposite sides of Award Road in Church Crookham, Fleet which formerly offered older persons unassisted accommodation. The blocks were constructed circa 1980 and were generally considered to provide relatively cramped and unsuitable dwellings for our client’s residents.

Dudley Court was also situated at the termination of a culvert and due to this factor and low ground levels sloping down towards the building entrance, this resulted in annual multiple localised flooding events. Our client subsequently opted to instruct calfordseaden LLP to undertake a detailed cost estimate for the demolition and re-build of both blocks with a costed option to undertake a full refurbishment of Jean Orr Court, if funds did not allow for re-construction of both blocks.

It transpired that budget constraints necessitated a twin approach to the sites, with our client instructing the complete re-build of Dudley Court, including significant groundworks to elevate the oversite to resolve the flooding issues, whilst retaining Jean Orr Court and undertaking a full strip out, upgrade and refurbishment to rationalise and re-configure the internal layout and to bring the dwellings up to current standards.

calfordseaden LLP were appointed under our existing framework to provide Employer’s Agent, Clerk of Works and cost consultancy services, from inception and feasibility of the scheme through to completion. The development comprises 28no. 100% affordable rent apartments.

Due to the parallel approach for both sites, Jean Orr Court required only a simple planning application for increase of parking spaces, which was approved promptly. The application for the demolition, re-design and re-construction of Dudley Court however required a detailed application which after going to committee, was approved after approximately 25 weeks. In anticipation of this situation, calfordseaden stipulated within the tender documentation that there was to be a phased site possession, with Jean Orr Court commencing 17 weeks prior to Dudley Court. This mechanism, ensured the contractor issued split programmes for each site with their tender returns and prevented potential loss and expense claims for delayed possession of both sites. The phased possession also took account of the time required for our client to issue notices to its residents and to arrange de-canting to alternative accommodation.

The designs for both sites incorporated Air Source Heat Pump technology for the provision of both hot water and heating of the apartments and communal areas, which was considered by our client to be a more sustainable heat source, as opposed to either traditional gas-fed boilers or electric convector heaters which were present in the original blocks. This necessitated a further planning application for each site, for approval of the siting of the externally mounted units, though this was issued without incident.