The Supermarket layout was developed in consultation with the Supermarket Operator to ensure a viable commercial store was proposed that would also meet the aspirations for community engagement encouraged by the North West Cambridge Development.

The main facade of Supermarket is aligned with the adjacent North West Residential block to create a strong building volume with the canopy protruding into Market Square. This forms a key element and function of the Square with the covered weather protection it provides. An internal lobby was created to provide an environmental buffer between the conditioned sales area and outside. The void to the basement with the entrance lobby allows the travelators and circulation stair to connect levels and creates a double height volume enclosed with the glazed screen to the external envelope and glazed internal screen separating the lobby from the main sales area. This also acts as a buffer between the external areas and the Supermarket checkouts that are aligned behind the internal glazed screen. This space also contains trolley storage which is contained internally to avoid spillage into Market Square. The design includes a continuous glazed roof light to fill the area with daylight, and to get daylight into the basement area The timber slats of the canopy compliment the primary Glulam timber structure of the lobby that continues into the main sales area.

The whole development was procured by the University using the NEC design and Build Contract with calfordseaden employed in the role NEC supervisor.

calfordseaden’s role included:

  • A team of specialist inspectors who checked the Contractor’s detailed design against the Works Information (The Contract). By drawing on our wide range of expertise we advised on all aspects of the Project
  • As the works progressed on site we maintained a daily site presence to the monitor progress and quality of the works. Our site based Clerk of Works were supported with regular visits by specialists including Architectural/Structural Engineering/Services Engineers/Lift and travellator engineers.
  • At the end of the project calfordseaden reviewed the O&M manuals and as built records.
  • Post completion calfordseaden also help manage the resolution of any defects.