calfordseaden carried out a due diligence review of the original conceptual design for the project, and identified a series of value engineering options that would reduce construction cost. These included renegotiating surface water discharge rates to the nearby river, which enabled the drainage network to be reduced in size. We also recommended the redesign of a new road junction, which not only reduced costs significantly but also saved four oak trees and a large area of village green.

calfordseaden was appointed to provide a multitude of services on this phased new build residential development situated on former quarry land. The development provides approximately 356 units for affordable rent in a combination of both houses and flats arranged around courtyards and green spaces to provide secure, semiprivate environments for residents to socialise and children to play.

The development incorporated permeable paving, swales, soakaways and a detention basin with reed beds for infiltration. The site also contained a heavily contaminated pond, which was treated by bio-remediation, aeration and chemical injection of the ground water to neutralise a chemical plume. These processes ensured that all the contaminated material had been treated on site and avoided the need to excavate and remove around 15,000m2 of contaminated soil to landfill. In addition, a significant cut and fill exercise was required to adjust site levels, improve gradients, level gardens and satisfy ‘Home for Life’ criteria. By careful remodelling, we were able to adjust the site level and reduce the cut and fill to balance, thereby minimising export of waste from the development area.

The scheme has achieved Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 through the use of photovoltaic panels which provide electricity to every home, and high quality insulation to guarantee low U-values. The timber frame homes were constructed using low or zero carbon technologies and as a result the overall development provided a 15% reduction in total carbon emissions.

Awards: Franklands Drive was “Highly Commended” in the Regeneration category at the RICS South East Awards 2015. The RICS judges were extremely impressed with the regeneration of the neglected woodland and lakes, which had become polluted through illegal dumping of litter.