Glengall Road is a major 200,000 sqft mixed-use scheme with up to 41,000sqft of flexible workspace at ground and mezzanine and 181 new residential apartments over 1st to 13th floors.

The site has a resolution to grant planning permission on the site of a former factory and warehouse. The project is a full BIM project which began at RIBA Stage 2 and has aimed to bring in concepts around meeting Building Safety and Golden Thread requirements. This included acting as Information Manager for the project during pre and post tender, where our BIM team developed core documentation.

The project uses latest standards set out within the UK BIM Framework, including ISO 19650 as well as newer building safety standards such as BS 8644-1. COBie development of the project including spatial hierarchies being matched with Housing Association Charitable Trusts Spatial Hierarchy requirements and BS1192-4 COBie requirements.