Hackney Baptist Church


calfordseaden was appointed to undertake a daylight and sunlight assessment for the proposed redevelopment of the Hackney Baptist Church site, to create a new modern church building with three adjoining residential buildings.

The proposed church is three storeys in height, with the residential units in adjoining blocks ranging from five to eight storeys. There are a number of overlooking windows with the closest proximity windows to the south and west of the site. We ran an assessment of the impact and there were a number of windows that would be impacted, however our opinion was that the overhead deck access to the properties was the main restriction on daylight, limiting the vertical sky component results, we therefore ran the assessment with the windows on the face of the walkways to prove this was the case and that the proposed development was not excessive.

We were involved from an early stage in terms of the design and were able to provide advice on the best ways to mitigate the daylight and sunlight impact on surrounding buildings. There was a concern raised regarding the shadow impact that the new development would have on a children’s playground area to the north of the site and we provided a set of overshadowing images that showed the BRE recommended sunlight levels would be achieved. We then worked alongside the architects to develop the proposed layouts to ensure the new dwellings would meet the BRE guidance. Our analysis was collated within our daylight and sunlight report and was submitted with the planning application and the scheme was approved by the planning committee.