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Handrail House


This scheme involved the refurbishment of part of a semi-industrial building to form new office space. the project was undertaken in phases including the following:

Phase 1 (2008): The creation of new office accommodation in one of the semi-industrial units. Works includ the demolition of loadbearing walls, with the design of new structural steel framing to support loads imposed from above, the creation of a new light well at the rear of the building and the remodeling of a secondary entrance to provide wheelchair access.

Phase 2 (2009):  the 2nd phase involved the remodeling of the main building entrance and included the creation of a central atrium, the installation of a new lift shaft, the installation of associated walkways and stairs at each level and creation of a new external pedestrian ramp.

Phase 3 (2010):  this phase consisted of  provision of structural proposals for a rooftop extension in light gauge steel framing and the formation of new duplex luxury residential accommodation over two floors.

A challenge we faced during one of the schemes within this building was the creation of the central atrium which required minimal disruption to the existing occupants, however this was successfully managed through efficient working and organisation.