Situated at the top end of Regent Street, in the heart of London’s west end, opposite the award winning BBC media headquarters, The Langham Hotel is one of the most prestigious in the world.

This London 5 star hotel is frequented by dignitaries and celebrities from around the globe. It was Europe’s first “Grand Hotel” and calfordseaden is honoured to be appointed to modernise five lifts, two of which are guest lifts.

Our brief from the Client for the two guest lifts was to retain the high end lift car interior and cabin decor together with decorative landing doors and push stations whilst at the same time replace aging equipment and increase reliability. A bespoke detailed specification was designed to replace the guest lifts major components with the aim of providing a twenty year life span.

The Langham Hotel has an on-going energy consumption reduction policy. New variable frequency control drive systems were specified, which will use at least 40% less energy than the old alternating current variable voltage drives. Variable frequency drives provide step-less acceleration and deceleration with accurate floor levelling to within plus or minus five millimetres under all load conditions.