This scheme involves the regeneration of a 1950’s estate in 3 phases with Phase 1 completed 2013 and Phase 2 completed 2015. The project provides 550 mixed tenure homes, including private sale, and a community centre. The development includes a green roof and community heating system linking to a Contract Energy Management (CEM) service and photovoltaic panels for landlord’s electricity.  The development is designed to comply with Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and the enhanced energy requirements of the London Plan 2014.

A key issue of this project was the connection of the main electrical supply to the development for Phase 1. On behalf of Guinness we assisted the contractor in the negotiations with UKPN to ensure the supply for the development was ready on time. We have also work closely with the contractor and their D&B designer to reduce the size of the equipment and loads in the energy centre. As the final Phase (3) is developed it is hope that the load can be further reduced based on actual energy records from the Phase 1 and 2 developments.

We have also worked closely with Guinness on the provision of a Contract Energy Management (CEM) provider for the development. We assisted the procurement team in the procurement process and gave technical advice on the ‘smart billing’ systems on offer.

The key target and successful outcome of the project was both to greatly reduce the plant and space required to offer the required energy strategy and to help the development of an understanding of post occupancy energy use.

The scheme includes a central energy centre completed during phase 1. However, the strategy has been designed to equip the plant room as each phase is developed, therefore allowing the site load to be reviewed at each phase. We have also been able to work with the initial designers to reduce the level of boiler and CHP plant to be installed in the plant room from an original estimate of 7MW down to 2MW, therefore saving greatly on both maintenance and energy used.

Images courtesy of Guinness Homes.