calfordseaden was appointed on this scheme for the construction of 247 dwellings plus commercial units. The site is located directly adjacent to Northwood Underground Station and a local Transport for London (TfL) bus terminus. As part of the development, Northwood Underground Station is to be designed and refurbished to provide step-free access to the platforms. Throughout the planning and design process, we have worked closely with our client’s design team and TfL to incorporate the underground station requirements into the overall residential and commercial development.

We have been involved from the inception of the project to develop a number of concept ideas for the station redevelopment. Working with the design team and TfL, we have developed planning and construction details for:

  • Lift and stair access to the north and south bound platforms to facilitate step-free access.
  • Passenger access, including station entrance and ticket office reconfiguration
  • Passenger walkway and bridge access to platforms incorporating lift and stair access
  • Reconfiguration of platform plant and equipment to facilitate new station entrance and use
  • Movement of trackside equipment to facilitate development of land for the residential and commercial use
  • Provision of new and relocated HV and LV electrical supplies to the station and residential development, coordinated with the relocation and management of bus and TfL requirements

The residential scheme includes a central energy centre, which will be completed as part of phase 1. The energy centre has been designed to equip the plant room as each phase is developed, allowing the site load to be reviewed at each phase. We are also working closely with Notting Hill Genesis to monitor the energy use on a range of their schemes. Through this, we aim to design the development more accurately and deliver cost savings by avoiding oversizing or overheating of the residential development.

We have built an excellent working relationship with both our client and TfL, based on achieving the goals of step-free access for TfL and high-quality, low-energy homes for our client.