calfordseaden served as Employer’s Agent, offering technical support for the Procurement of the lift Term Maintenance Contract for PA Housing.

In 2017 Asra Housing Association, Leicester Housing Association and Paragon Community Housing Limited amalgamated to form Paragon Asra Housing Limited (trading as PA Housing). PA Housing owns and manages nearly 24,000 homes in London, Surrey and the Midlands and aims to build better communities and contribute to the acute need for new affordable housing. The range and type of properties covered by the Contract arrangements include:

  • Sheltered Housing: Properties for the elderly
  • Supported Housing: Accommodation for those in need of various types of support services
  • General Rented Housing: From single person dwellings to Family Homes

The three-year contract comes with an option of a further 2 years, covering the maintenance, callouts and repairs on an all-inclusive basis.

The tender was split in to 2 Lots – Lot 1 for the midlands region with approximately 37 lifts and Lot 2 the London region with approximately 140 Lifts.

The selection criteria was based on 60% quality and 40% price as PA Housing were keen to improve the quality of the previous term contract that had been in place.

calfordseaden provided the technical input for the ITT documents which were then issued by FFT surveyors via the Intend Portal on behalf of PA Housing.

PA Housing faced a challenge in ensuring 100% compliance in relation to Lift Autodialler (emergency Call) operation across all properties. With this in mind, we included a line in the cost and contract document for the contractors to price for the supply and management of SIM cards for all lifts. The project included the use of variable drive technology and smart LED lighting.

When all the submissions had been received, we took part in the qualitative question scoring along with PA Housing personnel, including moderation sessions with FFT.

Once the successful contractors for Lot 1 and Lot 2 were notified, calfordseaden held mobilisation meetings with the local PA Housing management teams and contractors in both areas to ensure a smooth transition from the incumbent service providers.

Further to the tender process being successfully completed, we have now been instructed to provide technical support for both Lots including monthly contract meetings and 10% auditing of the lift portfolio.