This Regional Distribution Centre in Southampton is a 44,000 sqm new-build facility incorporating ambient and frozen storage spaces, administrative offices and regional head office and meeting spaces. The site area of 11.5Ha straddles two planning authorities, taking four years to secure planning consent for the scheme. Conditions of the consent included the requirement to construct new off-site dual carriageways to serve the site.

The warehouse element of the building accommodates 109 loading docks. The freezer areas have double floor slabs, with heater mats in the lower slab to prevent freezing and disrupting the integrity of the floors.An extensive recycling area is accommodated within the body of the warehouse, which results in no refuse being produced.

We utilise the latest Revit software to take conceptual sketches and develop these into fully-fledged working three-dimensional warehouse models, meeting the very specific logistical and operational requirements and keeping up with the highly professional standards of this exacting client.

Fast track programming is of paramount importance for this client and the de-risking of the construction process that BIM offered provided great benefit in this respect.

The client will also gain benefits from enormous amount of FM information provided as a result of the BIM process. This type of building is very complex technologically; with very deep-freeze areas requiring intricate plant, double slab floors and underfloor anti-heave heating etc. They are also very large, on average in the region of 50,000m2. Any efficiency saving is therefore magnified by the scale of the project, and these efficiencies can be analysed and tested throughout the design process, and the data and information remains available for future FM.