calfordseaden was appointed by Settle Group for the provision of Employer’s Agent, Cost Consultant and CoW Services for the remodel and CAT A / B fit out of Settle Group existing warehouse facility to form a new headquarters, following a decision to consolidate and centralise their two offices to form a Smarter Workspace and re-join teams together.

Settle needed a strong connection throughout the new 25,800 sq ft space to ensure it didn’t dilute the teams but instead, bring them closer together. To address this, a large central atrium was formed directly in the middle of the office. The ceiling encompassed a large light shaft to bring natural light into the centre of the building. Tiered seating was fitted and this created the hub of the
office and a place where all 200+ staff could congregate and collaborate. Surrounding this, a host of meeting suites, boardroom, open-plan desking and breakout areas supported both connectivity and flexible ways of working, particularly with designated hot desk areas and quiet rooms.

Externally the building appearance was significantly upgraded so the outside was just as visually appealing as the inside. All of the external materials were resprayed and the Settle branding added by graphics and signage.

calfordseaden was appointed by Settle post Contractor selection with concept design approved to formalise the Contract and manage the project through to completion. Our scope of services included undertaking weekly site inspections via our CoW Service.

The project was completed in three phases whilst Settle remained in occupation and delivered via a Design and Build Procurement Route.

At completion the scheme provided 25,800sq.ft cross functional workplace supporting flexibility and collaboration.