Calfordseaden was appointed as Employer’s Agent to provide specification and project management for 2 lifts in the Southern Housing Portfolio.

The lifts were Helen Court in Reading and Gurney Road in East London. The project feasibility identified issues with reliability caused by ageing hydraulic equipment which was subject to overheating caused by lack of ventilation in the motor rooms. The feasibility also highlighted that the lift capacity was restricted to 6 person due to the layout of the shaft.

To overcome the overheating in the short term basic air conditioning was installed in the motor rooms but this only had a limited effect. To overcome this we recommended changing the lift design to Electric Traction Machine Roomless lifts (MRL), and installing the drive equipment in the shaft, remove the need for a motor room. By utilising the MRL design the new lifts could be increased to 8 person capacity.

The lifts have now been successfully tendered and are due to start in 2022 with a 23 week programme from procurement of materials to final test.