calfordseaden was appointed to provide Architecture and Civil & Structural Engineering services for Spurstowe Terrace in Hackney. The scheme consists of a four-storey block of 23No. flats above commercial units in a constrained inner-London site.

Being on the edge of a conservation area, we were required to liaise with the Council’s Conservation Officer on numerous occasions. The flats are a mixture of affordable housing and open market units served by multiple common and individual entrance routes. The commercial space comprises two separate units.

Our due diligence exercise revealed discrepancies between the consented plans and the areas stated in the Design & Access Statement. Although a D&B project, early exercises therefore required us to optimise the Spurstowe Terrace scheme to the satisfaction of the employer. Various construction techniques were reviewed in response to the site’s location and tight constraints. The building abuts neighbours on three sides, and fire and acoustic performance were therefore significant factors in the selection of appropriate assemblies.

Notwithstanding the site’s location and constraints this was a straightforward project. In spite of this being a D&B contract, the employer maintained close contact with the project and requested numerous enhancements. We assisted our client, the contractor, in managing these changes and in many respects, as Lead Designer and Architects on the scheme we found ourselves operating as we would on a traditionally procured contract.