calfordseaden was appointed to provide architectural services for this project to design an extension to an existing school building to provide four new classrooms.

Upon reviewing the design of the existing building our architects realised that the only way of enlarging the building was to extend over the top of an existing single storey 1960’s extension, as a ground storey extension was not permitted due to planning restrictions.  An additional challenge was posed by the existing school building being in close proximity to a conservation area with protected sightline views, so the design of the extension had to be carefully considered.

The calfordseaden architectural team utilised Sketchup and 3D Max to provide designs that could be tested and analysed before they were built. They were also able to provide the planners with 3D visualisations of the proposed extension that could be viewed from all angles. In building the design in 3D this allowed the client to understand the concept and how the overall design would look. It also allowed views to be taken to demonstrate that the proposed extension does not encroach into the protected views.