The Brickyard is the redevelopment of a former council car park in East Ham, comprising of a 2 storey podium for commercial uses and 3 distinct residential buildings, connected by an external shared landscape.

The redevelopment will provide two commercial units on the ground floor, one leisure unit on the first floor, 98 new homes of accommodation within three blocks; a 12 storey tower block has been designed as the focal point of the scheme; a 2 storey block formed of a series of duplexes and a 4 storey linear block are developed as low-rise buildings that define the courtyard to the east and west allowing the southern boundary of the podium to be open.

calfordseaden was appointed as Principal Designer by the Client at RIBA Stage 3 and immediately started a CDM Compliance Audit to assess what had been done to date and what was still outstanding. We met with the design team at the outset to review all of the drawings and their design risk assessments before producing our own Significant Issues Register which picked up all foreseeable risks in the design for the construction, use, maintenance and eventual demolition of the proposed building.

One of the first meeting we held was with the Client’s Head of Facilities Management to discuss the health and safety file, design and the long term maintenance of the asset. This meeting raised a number of concerns over the proposed window cleaning strategy and similarities to existing properties in their housing stock which have proven difficult to maintain. We were able to take this information back to the design team and look at alternative options. A representative from the facilities management team was then invited to each DTM and Design Risk Workshop so they are fully aware of the maintenance requirements the design team proposed.

We attended all DTMs and specific workshops relating to the risks we identified. We were able to actively contribute to the design and suggest areas of improvement based upon previous experience on similar schemes. In addition to the DTMs and Workshops, our Principal Designers hosted Design Risk Workshops at RIBA Stage 3, 4a and 4b. This enabled the Client to clearly see what risks remained and what the team were to focus on going into the next stage.
The project benefited from early contractor involvement where the Principal Contractor was able to support with the design risk workshops and bring to the fore buildability issues and past examples of design improvements which led to safety construction methods on site.

We were given a wealth of pre construction information from the Client which we reviewed and provided a gap analysis of reports and surveys that were required. This lead to the instruction of a UXO Survey due to the location of the site in East London. The information included site specific risks as well as information on the local environment and restrictions. We distributed the Pre Construction Information to the design team and the Principal Contractor for review in accordance with our duties under the regulations.