The Essence


calfordseaden was initially appointed to assist in the due diligence, site investigation report and the production of a conceptual design for the foundations, basement construction, superstructure (including transfer structure) and drainage to RIBA Stage 3+ for this new town centre development.

The scheme provides 208 residential units for private sale, shared ownership and affordable rent in a mix of one, two, three, four and five bedroom dwellings including sizeable wheelchair homes over six to eleven storeys. The development also includes a 1,700m2 Tesco made to shell and core standards Tesco retail store, two further smaller retail outlets and back-up facilities for the retail space.

We produced reinforcement estimates, indicative details for cladding and masonry support and a specification for materials and workmanship. We worked collaboratively with the architect and cost consultant in a series of workshops to review methods of construction and hone the design.

We suggested an alternative form of construction for the basement walls, based on using permanent steel sheet piles with welded clutches, vibrated into the ground. This eliminated the need for road closures, reduced the temporary works and saved a significant amount of time on site. This information was presented in a Stage D+ Report, and included drawings schedules specification notes and other information to assist tenders with their bids.

We were subsequently commissioned by the client to develop the detailed design of the piled foundations, ground beams, basement slab and walls.

In addition, we are also appointed as employer’s agent on behalf of the Registered Social Landlord for the development of the affordable housing units.

Awards: First Time Buyer Readers’ Awards Best Large Development’ and ‘Best Show Home’ categories 2014.