University of West London


Our Client was proposing to refurbish and extend the existing main university building, develop a two storey terrace of houses and a new two storey building all situated within the site boundary. We carried out an external inspection and gave initial advice to our Client. We tested the proposal of the new build two storey building and the adjoining windows all passed the daylight and sunlight BRE tests.

Our Client wanted to know the extent to which they could build in order to maximise the use of the site so we were able to carry out a safety envelope study and advise of the appropriate massing. The two storey terraced houses passed the 25 degree line test therefore did not require further analysis. The extension of the main building did not have a negative impact on the adjoining properties. All of the proposed habitable rooms passed the BRE requirements for daylighting.

During the planning stage an objection was received from a neighbour who was concerned that their daylight would be affected by the proposed extension of the main building. There were no windows facing directly onto the proposed building, however there were windows facing into a light well. We tested these windows and the analysis showed that they would either suffer no change or be affected to a negligible degree only. We provided an addendum report for submission with the planning application which was successfully approved.