calfordseaden was appointed to provide Principal Designer services for the refurbishment and build of Vic Johnson House, an over-55s apartment block for affordable rent. The completed development will boast high-quality amenity spaces including a lounge, library, saloon and gardens.

The two new wings are located at either end of the existing building so effective fire stopping was paramount whilst demolition and connection into the existing block were carried out. Noise and vibration were also carefully regulated to minimise disturbances to the residents.

In our role as Principal Designer, we focused our design risk workshops on the safety of the residents and the long-term maintenance of the completed Vic Johnson House building. Our design reviews identified issues with the original planning drawings, such as horizontal balustrades on balconies and low parapet wall heights. We worked closely with the design team to eliminate these risks and enable the client to have a building that is easily maintained and free of safety risks to residents, staff and maintenance workers.

The existing building posed a number of inherent safety risks that we remedied as a design team, such as a roof valley gutter detail which proved difficult to access as well as inaccessible roof projections. In order to mitigate these risks, we provided a Mansafe System which runs the length of the roof and a proprietary walkway system. The projecting roof areas are accessible from the pavement using a MEWP, where infrequent maintenance and debris removal can be carried out safely.