The calfordseaden M&E Engineering Consultants deliver energy efficient design solutions that are attuned to our clients’ specific requirements.

Working across all sectors, our team of specialist engineers provides the full range of building services including advice/planning, design, building physics and building economics, construction, auditing, commissioning and beyond.

Our expert team also undertakes M&E site inspections, commissioning, monitoring and testing of gas, electrical and lift systems. This provides valuable feedback to our design engineers and ensures mechanical, electrical and lift installations remain fully serviced and maintained.

calfordseaden is committed to reducing the impact on the environment through passive design techniques, the use of renewable energy and through the use of emerging technologies in the delivery of buildings that are efficient, sustainable and comfortable to use.


  • Low and Zero Carbon Developments
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Mechanical and Electrical Site Inspection Services
  • Mapping/Estate Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • HVAC Inspections
  • Air Permeability
  • Domestic Gas Safety Inspection
  • Lifts and Escalators
  • Asset Management Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Metering/Billing/Esco
  • Security Systems
  • Water Hygiene
  • Utilities Coordination

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Our Sectors

Our experience of delivering projects across all major sectors, for public and private sector clients, has provided an understanding of the differing demands and constraints our clients work under. We use this knowledge to develop innovative solutions and add value with the approach we employ.

Meet The Team

  • Dr Terry Keech

    Dr Terry Keech


    Equity Member - M&E Engineer

  • Simon Gray

    Simon Gray


    Equity Member - M&E Engineer

  • Will Sullivan

    Will Sullivan

    BEng (Hons) C Eng MCIBSE MEI

    Partner - Mechanical Engineer/Sustainability Advisor

  • Perry Wright

    Perry Wright


    Partner - Mechanical Engineer/Sustainability Advisor

  • Patrick Inns

    Patrick Inns


    Partner - Mechanical Engineer

  • Chris Marien

    Chris Marien

    MSc CEng MEI

    Partner - Senior Engineer

  • Craig Hattley

    Craig Hattley

    CEng MIET

    Partner - Electrical Engineer/Sustainability Advisor

  • Grant Harden

    Grant Harden


    Partner - Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

  • Paul Dicker

    Paul Dicker

    Tech IOSH

    Partner - Lift Engineer

  • Ronald Ager

    Ronald Ager

    ACIBSE I Eng

    Associate - Mechanical Engineer

  • Tony Ellis

    Tony Ellis


    Principal Engineer

  • Andrew Yates

    Andrew Yates

    IEng MIET

    Partner - M&E Engineer

  • Dimitrios Anthopoulos

    Dimitrios Anthopoulos

    MSc Beng

    Principal Mechanical Engineer

  • Richard Short

    Richard Short


    Principal Mechanical Engineer

  • Darrell Locke

    Darrell Locke

    BEng (Hons) EurIng CEng MIET

    Principal Electrical Engineer

  • Frederick Okang

    Frederick Okang

    Beng (Hons) MS MIET

    Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Yiannis Papanikolaou

    Yiannis Papanikolaou

    BEng (Hons), MSc, MCIBSE, CEng

    Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Oliver Down

    Oliver Down


    Senior Engineer

  • Martin Handley

    Martin Handley


    Mechanical Engineer

  • Fulvio Vacca

    Fulvio Vacca

    BEng (Hons) MSc

    Intermediate Mechanical Engineer

  • Roshan Halai

    Roshan Halai


    Intermediate Engineer

  • Afzaal Arshad

    Afzaal Arshad

    Electrical Engineer

  • Keith Forde

    Keith Forde


    Electrical Inspector

  • Keith Mitchell

    Keith Mitchell

    Mechanical Inspector

  • Laszlo Csek

    Laszlo Csek

    Intermediate Mechanical Engineer

  • Alan Dye

    Alan Dye


    Electrical Inspection Engineer

  • Mike Smith

    Mike Smith

    Senior Gas Consultant

  • Newton Odei

    Newton Odei

    Gas Inspection Engineer

  • Gary Gladdish

    Gary Gladdish

    Gas Inspection Engineer

  • Paul Marsh

    Paul Marsh

    Fire & Security Consultant

  • Keith Jackson

    Keith Jackson

    Senior Lift Engineer

  • Grant Barber

    Grant Barber

    Senior Lift Engineer

  • Mark Denby

    Mark Denby

    Senior Lift Engineer

  • Steve Minns

    Steve Minns

    Senior Lift Consultant

  • Jack Zilles

    Jack Zilles

    BEng (Hons)

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Patroula Christopoulou

    Patroula Christopoulou

    MEng MSc

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Robert Temlett

    Robert Temlett

    Graduate Mechanical Engineer

  • Lynda Pinkess

    Lynda Pinkess

    CAD Manager

  • James Brook

    James Brook

    Senior CAD Technician

  • Rakhee Patel

    Rakhee Patel

    Intermediate CAD Technician

  • Charlie Gray

    Charlie Gray

    Senior CAD Technician

  • Alexandra Craciunas

    Alexandra Craciunas

    Junior CAD Technician

  • Henry Spencer

    Henry Spencer

    Junior CAD Technician

  • Svitlana Toma

    Svitlana Toma

    Junior CAD Technician

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